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Leaving you to focus on other more important tasks. Rather than spending valuable time trawling through various travel websites and checking for suitable flights and ground arrangements BUNGA RAYA TRAVEL can do it all for you. Not only that BUNGA RAYA TRAVEL will a  find the best deals, ensuring that we are saving your money, but we’ll also offer you multiple alternatives, including different times and hotel options, following your location and budget requirements.




It might seem like a good idea to book that business class flight on a less reputable airline because the price is right. However, BUNGA RAYA TRAVEL as industry experts, we can guide you as to the relative merits of each airline, and makesure you making the right choice for your Boss. BUNGA RAYA TRAVEL  also can recommend various hotels, based on our experience and expertise cause we have good relations with the hotels and have visited them first hand, so we get to know quickly which ones are good for our clients.  Location is also important so, if you are struggling with Google maps, working out where each hotel is, BUNGA RAYA TRAVEL can save you invaluable time and effort.



Unfortunately, some flights do get cancelled, but the last thing you want is your Boss contacting you to inform you of this on a Saturday evening! Let the BUNGA RAYA TRAVEL  take care of resolving these matters for you. BUNGA RAYA TRAVEL can make the changes quickly and easily and take care of your Boss travel needs, while you enjoy the est of your evening, without interruption



If you are waiting for approval or confirmation on various business trips but you are worried about availability, BUNGA RAYA TRAVEL have the ability to hold flights. This will ensure that you can get a quote, make arrangements with the boss and come back to us for booking. You can also be safe in the knowledge that the price will not have changed and avoided them having to go around in circles.

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